What we offer

Dear English speaking people, 


All our escape games, for adults, teenagers and kids are available in English, as well as our photographers speak English. 

You can book an escape game on the website from here. It is yet only in French unfortunately but not much information are needed to process the booking. You can read more about the games on our Tripadvisor page, translated in English.


If you need an artist / photographer to photoshoot you in Paris’ best (known and unknown) spots, send us a mail at contact@lelibrepromeneur.com


Also, if you can’t book an escape game on the website, just write to us at that same mail address so we can note your reservation there. 


Finally, we can also plan your trip to Paris according to your special needs and interests, by booking activities, nice places to eat, interesting exhibitions to see, etc. 

We are used to work with all kind of customers, including very challenging people. We always do our very best to provide them exactly what they need, from a private tour to the organisation of a one-week stay. 



À bientôt ! :)


If you have any questions or special requests, we will be happy to answer you